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Contact details for Microbiology

We have revised the way we can be contacted, or how you can obtain more information, to try and meet the increasing demand.  We always telephone urgent results and routine results are sent electronically, as they are completed.  You can contact us in 1 of 4 ways:-

1. Email service

This is for

  • Clinical advice
  • Technical advice
  • Laboratory results
  • Adding on tests
  • Adding Clinical details to stored samples

This is monitored throughout the day, wherever possible an answer is given within the working day of request and a maximum of 3 working days

2. Website

This includes information on testing and some management algorithms.  If you think anything else should be added, please let us know

3. Bleeps

Bleep 176 if you are in the hospital.  Please try not to contact the Medics before 11am, to allow completion of routine clinical and Infection Control work

4. Telephone

The main laboratory number is 01392 402962

Press 1 for a result

Press 2 for clinical advice

Press 3 to inform the lab of an urgent sample coming over

Press 4 for any other enquiry

Please note the results line is open between 11am- 12pm and 3pm- 4pm, alternatively you can email your enquiry to

As a Department, we are continually trying to improve our level of customer service and therefore we welcome your feedback.  If you have any queries about or comments on the automated telephone system, please email us on the address above

Please find below, our laboratory open hours, including the on-call service

Normal Weekday Service

9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Outside these hours, an emergency out-of-hours on-call service operates via switchboard 01392 411611

Normal Weekend Service   

08:00am to 4:30pm on Saturday and 08:00am to 12pm on Sunday

Outside these hours, an emergency out-of-hours on-call service operates via switchboard 01392 411611

Clinical On-call Service

From 5pm contact the on-call Microbiologist via switchboard

01392 411611 or Bleep 176 (internal)

Emergency On-call Service

The duty Biomedical Scientist can be contacted via the RD&E switchboard for processing emergency specimens or

Pager #6 279 / Mobile 07825 724683



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