Histopathology reports

Printed Reports
These are printed on A4 paper with a purple stripe on the right hand side.  They are signed by the reporting pathologist and sent to the original requestor.  Additional copies will be sent if specified on the original request form.

Report access via the Pathology system
Reports can be accessed via the Pathology Computer System (PTH) for the period from 1st November 1999 to date and are prefixed by “HI”.  Access is usually granted to all hospital based clinicians on appointment.

Clinical Systems Training is available to all staff if it is a necessity for the position held.  All Clinical Systems requests must be authorised and submitted electronically by a Division Manager, Administration Manager or nominated Line Manager by completing a Training and Access application form available on the trust intranet.

Telephone requests for results can be made after first checking the Pathology system, preferably only if the case is urgent.

Histology reports are made available on the computer system as soon as they are authorised and it is always best if reports can be read from the computer to avoid errors of transcription.  However, if your result is particularly urgent and not yet available, please call the department on Ext.2942 and we will do our best to help.

Historical reports
Pre-November 1999 reports are available by contacting the Histology Office with the relevant patient, specimen and date of operation details to enable the previous computer or paper-based systems to be accessed.  Computer records are available from 1984-1999 and paper records prior to that are retained for 30 years from the current date.