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Molecular Pathology Services

Molecular tests that analyse DNA or RNA are increasingly utilised to diagnose, predict or monitor disease. The Exeter Molecular Pathology Laboratory brings together scientists from across the traditional pathology disciplines who are delivering or developing a diverse range of molecular tests. These include testing for viral and bacterial infections, diagnosis and monitoring of haematological malignancies, the testing of solid tumours to predict the response for targeted therapy and a range of >60 genetic disorders (see below). Future developments include non-invasive prenatal diagnosis for Down syndrome and anti RhD prophylaxis.

Test repertoire

Service Examples Pathology Discipline
Molecular virology Hepatitis C, Cytomegalovirus Microbiology
Molecular bacteriology Chlamydia Microbiology
Molecular oncology Tests for solid tumours that predict response to targeted treatment Cellular pathology/Cytology/Molecular genetics
Genetic disorders Monogenic diabetes, familial cancers, rare inherited disease Molecular genetics
Haemochromatosis Predisposing variants Chemistry/Molecular genetics
Thrombophilia Factor V Leiden and prothrombin variants Haematology/Molecular genetics
Molecular haemato-oncology Tests for diagnosis, prediction and treatment monitoring for leukaemia and lymphoma Haematology/Cellular pathology/Molecular genetics

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