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Covid Information for Symptomatic Staff 

(i.e. if you have Covid symptoms)

Covid Information for Asymptomatic Staff 

(i.e. if you don’t have Covid symptoms)

The Microbiology service is a comprehensive, clinically led service provided for Bacteriology, Virology (including Molecular services), Mycology and Parasitology. Clinical advice is also available for Infection Prevention and Control.

Services are provided to the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Primary care and community hospitals within North and East Devon, and other NHS Trusts within the SW region.

Epidemiology data is routinely sent to the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (PHE) at Colindale, London

The Laboratory is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and participates in all relevant External Quality Assurances schemes.

The laboratory has accredited training status for Medical, Clinical Scientist and Biomedical Scientist training.

For contractual purposes each request accepted by the laboratory for examination(s) shall be considered an agreement.

Responsibility for obtaining informed consent for testing lies with the requestor; it should cover the test(s) requested, implications of any results obtained and the disclosure of relevant personal details and clinical information to healthcare personnel involved in providing the testing (see https://www.exeterlaboratory.com/about/ for our confidentiality policy.)

In instances where we are unable to perform testing in house or for specialist and epidemiological testing we will send samples to accredited outside laboratories for analysis, in these instances we will provide relevant personal and clinical information to enable the referral laboratory to process the samples and interpret results.

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