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Change to qFIT ordering for RDUH facing surgeries

We are delighted to inform you that we have added qFIT requests into ICE for RD&E AND NDDH facing practices. With immediate effect, we will invoke the new pathway for qFIT testing and from this point onwards, we will supply only the blue sample picker device to practices. Full kits with postal return envelopes will be no longer be provided and practices should now follow the pathway below.

The new pathway provides many benefits, particularly, significant mitigation against the risk of mis-assignment of requests to the incorrect practice and misidentification of patients. It will also provide more effective tracking of tests and results, ensuring that no test with a concerning result is lost in the system. This new process is hopefully easier for GPs and will be safer for patients.

If you have any questions please contact the Duty Biochemist at Rduh.biochem@nhs.net or telephone 01392 402935

The process will now be:

FIT Testing Pathway


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