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Changes to Streptococcal Serology Testing – ASOT and Anti-DNase B

The Virology Department at RDE will be ceasing all Anti-DNase B testing on the 17th November 2023.  We will continue to test for Anti-streptolysin O antibodies.


BioMérieux are stopping the commercialisation of the ASD ANTIBODY TESTING KIT, and there is no alternative on the market within Europe. We have received a notification stating the below;

BioMérieux has made every effort to maintain this product on the market for a long time. Following the evolution of the European regulations, and on-going difficulties in the manufacture of this product we regret to inform you that we have taken the difficult decision to end its commercialization by the 31st March 2023.‘


We are sorry for any difficulties this may cause. If there are any queries or comments relating to these changes please contact the laboratory by email at rduh.microconsultants@nhs.net.

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