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Complaint Policy and Procedure


The Department has a systematic, accessible and impartial process for dealing efficiently and effectively with concerns or complaints to ensure that any issues raised are dealt with promptly and fairly, in line with the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust ‘Policy and Procedure for the Management of Complaints, Concerns and Compliments’ (available on request). The Department is committed to using feedback from complaints and concerns in a positive way by listening to our users and learning lessons from their experiences, as this is a welcome and valuable source of feedback which can be used to improve the quality of the Molecular Genetics services offered.

We will always work hard to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction, but if we fail to do so, the complainant may wish to make a formal complaint. Any concerns or complaints should initially be referred to the Interim Head of Department (HoD), Andrew Parrish (email andrew.parrish@nhs.net, telephone 01392 408259) who will listen to the details of the complaint, initiate an appropriate investigation, collate the evidence needed to respond appropriately, and formulate remedial, corrective and/or preventative action to address any underlying sources of service failure.

 We seek to resolve all complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any formal complainant will receive an initial response within three working days and we will aim to resolve the complaint within 45 working days of receipt. 

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