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As part of the annual user survey, Cytology asked Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis Service users for specific feedback:

60% of respondents rate the service as excellent and 40% rate the service as good.

Suggestions for service improvement

 You said:

The service is great. However, it would be great if there are sperm and they are less than 100,000/ml if you could say if they are non-motile. We are told that if they are motile you will state that but not if they are non-motile. This means that we have no medico-legal confirmation of non-motility and so have to send a second sample to Heavitree. The Association of Surgeons in Primary Care and, I believe, the faculty of sexual and reproductive healthcare suggests that samples for PVSA shouldn’t be centrifuged. When we audit against other providers we are doing a higher number of second tests and they tell me their lab doesn’t centrifuge. I don’t know if this makes a difference or not.

UKAS should change the rules on PVSA to allow for samples to be processed within 4 hours rather than 1 as this is in line with guidance and advise from the ASPC (Association of Surgeons of primary care) who, based on huge experience and best available evidence were happy with a 4 hour window for semen analysis in the context of PVSA


We said:


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