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Important Change to Calprotectin Requesting commencing 26/02/2024

Dear Colleague,

The Blood Sciences Department at the RDUH will be changing the laboratory equipment used to analyse Faecal Calprotectin to the Mast OC Sensor Pledia from the 26th of February 2024.

The new methodology uses a sample collection picker (similar to FIT testing) that significantly increases sample stability, patient convenience and test accuracy.  The Calprotectin picker has a flat green lid, distinct from the FIT picker which has a blue lid with a grip handle  (see pictures below). All surgeries will receive a supply (approximately 6 months worth) of the new pickers in the next 10 days. If you require further pickers, please contact us at rduh.bloodsciencesadmin@nhs.net and we can arrange to send you more.

It is important to note the results of from the new method generate significantly higher result  than the existing method.   The old cut-off of 100 ug/g  will increase to 500 ug/g.  The interpretive comment and normal range in the report will be updated to reflect this.


If you have additional question please contact us: rduh.biochem@nhs.net




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