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Aspergillosis is the name for a group of conditions caused by Aspergillus mould.



Isolation of Aspergillus for identification and sensitivities (if required.)

Aspergillus Antibody (precipitins)

Detection of antibodies to Aspergillus spp. Appropriate for the diagnosis of aspergillosis in immunocompetent patients e.g. allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), aspergilloma, chronic necrotising aspergillosis, aspergillus sinusitis

 Aspergillus antigen

This test detects the presence of the Aspergillus antigen galactomannan in serum or BAL fluid to diagnosis invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients.

Aspergillus PCR

Detects presence of Aspergillus DNA in whole blood or BAL fluid. Generally used serially to detect rising levels post-bone marrow transplant.


Culture: Nose Swab, Tissue biopsy, Broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL), Sputum, Blood Cultures

Serology/PCR: Blood

Specimen container


  • Nose swab –  Transwab
  • Biopsy –  Plain Universal Sterile Universal Pot
  • BAL –  Plain Universal Sterile Universal Pot, Blood Culture Bottles
  • Sputum – Sputum Pot
  • Blood culture – Blood Culture Bottles
  • Serology  –  Gold top tube
  • PCR – Pink top tube (EDTA)

Special Instructions

Usually only relevant in immunocompromised patients.


Culture – processed in-house at RD&E

PCR/ Serology – sent to Reference Laboratory

Reference Laboratory

Aspergillus Ag / Precipitins /PCR – Bristol UKHSA Laboratory

Turnaround Time

Culture – up to 2 weeks

Serology/ PCR – up to 1 weeks

Urgent Specimen Instructions

D/W Consultant Microbiologist

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For Healthcare Professionals:

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