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CFT (Complement Fixation Test)


The Microbiology department at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has ceased all Complement Fixation Testing as of 30th August 2021.

We regularly undertake quality improvement reviews and in common with the majority of other large microbiology diagnostic service providers, the COVID-19 pandemic response has necessitated a focus on clinical utility and efficiency. Accordingly, the decision was been made to cease all Complement Fixation Testing on the 30th August 2021.

This is in part due to the extension of respiratory molecular diagnostics, and the availability of Mycoplasma and Chlamydia DNA detection in many of these. Furthermore, CFT reagents are no longer CE marked from the 31st December 2021.  This was a phased planned removal but due to unusually difficult staffing pressures and large scale pandemic activities we have had to bring this forward and provide shorter notice than we would normally.

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