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Faecal Parasites




For Threadworm investigation – Moistened early morning perianal swab (placed in specimen pot)

Specimen container

Fecon pot

To Request On EPIC

For electronic requesting using EPIC (RDUH ONLY):

For OCP screen (Microscopy):

Search for: ‘Ova, cysts and parasites (OCP) screen‘ or test code ‘LAB258

For Threadworm Investigation specifically:

Search for: ‘Threadworm Investigation‘ or test code ‘LAB248

For other Parasite identification (i.e Roundworms, Tapeworms):

Search for: ‘Parasite identification‘ or test code ‘LAB247

Special Instructions

Microscopy for Ova, Cysts and Parasites (OCP) is only routinely performed on specimens from patients with a history of foreign travel (within 6 weeks).  If testing is required outside of this window for other reasons (e.g. patient is immunocompromised) please contact the laboratory via email (rduh.MicroConsultants@nhs.net) to discuss with a consultant microbiologist.

We DO NOT perform OCP on samples from patients with a travel history limited to Europe.

Please state OCP on request form (ova, cysts and parasites).

Enterobius vermicularis (threadworm) – please send moistened early morning perianal swab – place in specimen pot rather than in transport media (NB we do not accept sellotape slides).

If Amoebiasis is suspected, please contact the duty Microbiologist to discuss.

Test Usage

Diagnosis of intestinal parasites


Processed locally in Microbiology at RDUH

(Samples for confirmation sent to Hospital for Tropical Diseases – Department of Clinical Parasitology)

Processing Time

24 hours (7 days – if samples needs sending to reference lab for confirmation)

Urgent Specimen Instructions

Hot stool for Amoebiasis

Useful Links

Hospital for Tropical Diseases – Department of Clinical Parasitology (Health Services Laboratories)

User Manual – Health Services Laboratories

Ova, Cysts & Parasites (OCP) – Lab Tests Online UK

(Key words: threadworms, pinworm)

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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