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Hepatitis C Genotyping



Blood sample (plasma)

Specimen container

Pink top EDTA (3ml)

To Request On EPIC

This test will be added by the laboratory as standard to any new HCV positive patients with a viral load >100 IU/mL.

Click here for details on how to request a Hepatis C viral load on Epic

Special Instructions

Samples from patients known to have blood transmissible viral infections should be clearly labelled “High Risk” or “Danger of Infection”.

Test Usage

PCR based test requiring viral load >100 IU/mL. Test will only be performed on HCV PCR positive patients

Genotype is necessary if considering treatment and following treatment failure.

This test is only required once per patient. Please do not send repeat tests.


Sent to reference laboratory

Processing Time

7 days



(Key words: HepC)

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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