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universal fecon charcoal swab

Test Usage

Diagnosis of Listeria as a cause of meningitis, or infection during pregnancy/ childbirth

Diagnosis of food poisoning (rare) – Please discuss with a Consultant Microbiologist before sending samples


Blood Cultures


Lesion, Pus, Wound, Superficial Wound Swab (Babies)

HVS, Placental Swabs

Stool (Please note – there is very low sensitivity in isolating listeria from stool samples – please discuss with a Consultant Microbiologist before sending)

Specimen container

CSF, lesions, Pus – White Sterile Universal Pot

Wound/HVS – Charcoal swabs

Stool – Faecal pot

To Request On EPIC

For electronic requesting using EPIC (RDUH ONLY):

Please see:

Blood Cultures

CSF Microscopy & Culture

Wound Swab Culture

Genital Swab Culture

Faecal Culture

Please make sure to mention Listeriosis in clinical details.


Undertaken at RDUH

Processing Time

Microscopy on CSF- 4 hours

Culture – 48 – 72 hours

Urgent Specimen Instructions

CSF should be transported to laboratory as soon as possible. Urgent microscopy is available 24/7 – please contact on-call staff out of hours.

Specimen Labelling Procedure Procedure for Collection of Blood Cultures
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