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Lyme Disease Serology


Test Usage

Diagnosis of Lyme disease ( Borrelia burgdorferi infection).


Blood sample (serum)

Specimen container

Gold top clotted (5ml)

To Request On EPIC

For electronic requesting using EPIC (RDUH ONLY):

Search for: ‘Lyme Disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) Serology and PCR‘ or test code ‘O1230203

Special Instructions

Take samples for testing 4-6 weeks after symptom onset – not earlier as there is then a higher risk of false negative results

Please provide the following information. Please note: failure to provide information will result in sample not being tested

  • Does the patient recall a tick bite? If yes- please state date of tick bite
  • Please state date of onset of symptoms
  • Please give details of symptoms
  • Please state if patient has any neurological and/ or ophthalmic symptoms


Local test

Reference Laboratory

Positive samples referred to Reference laboratory for further testing

Processing Time

7 days

(Key words: Lymes)



Please click here for the Lyme Disease FAQ 


Specimen Labelling Procedure
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