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MRSA Screen (Emergency Admission)


MRSA testing is restricted to admission to high risk inpatient areas – ITU, NNU, vascular surgery, elective orthopaedic surgery, renal and haematology/oncology. Please do not send swabs from patients in other areas unless previously positive


Nose swab/ Throat swab

Specimen container

Charcoal transwabs

Special Instructions

If using Order comms please use one specimen bag per patient. Do not mix different patient samples in the same bag.

Please do not send Axilla/Groin swabs or Perineum swabs unless previously positive.

Test Usage

Culture for MRSA/ Early detection on admission.


Tested at RDE

Processing Time

Negative result 24 hours

Positive result 48- 72 hours

Useful Links

SMI B29: investigation of specimens for screening for MRSA

MRSA Screening – Lab Tests Online UK

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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