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MRSA Screen (Pre-Elective)


MRSA testing is restricted to admission to high risk inpatient areas РITU, NNU, vascular surgery, elective orthopaedic surgery, renal and haematology/oncology. Please do not send swabs from patients in other areas unless previously positive 


Nose swab & groin/perineum

Specimen container

Charcoal transwabs

MRSA Screening Request Forms

New request forms have been designed specifically for the elective pre-admission screening.

The request forms are attached to a yellow specimen bag for easy identification.

Please do not use these forms for any other types of swabs.

Special Instructions

  • Please use the Pre-elective forms and yellow specimen bags.
  • If using Order comms please use one specimen bag per patient. Do not mix different patient samples in the same bag .
  • Please do not send Axilla/Groin swabs or Perineum swabs unless previously positive.

Test Usage

Culture for MRSA/ Pre admission detection.


Tested at RDE

Processing Time

Negative result 24 hours

Positive result 48- 72 hours

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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