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Cellular Pathology Results

Results are issued depending on the way the test was requested:

All internal Trust samples must be requested via EPIC. These samples must be labelled with an EPIC label. Cellular pathology reports are saved to the EPIC patient chart. All Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital clinicians and requestors who have access to EPIC can access these reports.

GP-OCS requests must be labelled with an GP-OCS label. GPs will receive reports electronically via ICE.

Torbay specimens must have the patient’s Torbay hospital number clearly stated on the request form.  Torbay clinical teams will receive results for their patients via the portal as long as the Torbay hospital number has been added to the request.

All other samples from external sources must have a request form. These results will be sent as a paper report in the post to the clinician stated on the request form.


For any enquiries please contact the appropriate department:

Email: rde-tr.cellularpathology@nhs.net


Cytology: 01392 402991

Histology: 01392 402942 or 402994 or 402995 or 402999 or 402964


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