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Anaphylactic or Anaphylactoid Reaction to Anaesthetics

Blood Sciences Test



Special Instructions

In association with the Department of Anaesthetics and on advice from

NARCOS in Sheffield, the following protocol has been agreed:

If an adverse reaction is suspected, clotted blood samples should be taken

(a) as soon as possible after the event, and certainly within the first 30 min.
(b) at approximately 3 hours
(c) at approximately 24 hours (i.e. between 18 and 30 hours will suffice)

10ml volume of sample is ideal, but 5ml is adequate. Separate serum and store in the freezer. The Duty Biochemist will be contacted by the Consultant anaesthetist concerned to confirm the request and also to arrange to send documentation pertaining to the event (course of the reaction, drugs used, etc.). These data, plus samples, should be sent with an explanatory note on the request form.

Reference Range

Interpretative comment will appear on the report

Test Usage

Anaesthetic induced anaphylaxis

Turnaround time

Up to 1 month


Referred Test

Assayed by

This investigation is performed at the Immunology Department, Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Plymouth. PL6 8DH

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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