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Ante-Natal Blood Group

Blood Sciences Test Blood Transfusion

Sample type


Special Instructions

Minimum sample volume 2 ml

Please see Transfusion Policy for information on sample labelling requirements

Factors affecting results

Haemolysed, clotted or lipaemic samples cannot be tested

Reference Range

Not applicable

Test usage

To determine the blood group and red cell antibody status of patients during pregnancy. Red cell antibodies detected will be identified and the strength determined by titration or quantification. The report will include a suggested date for a repeat antibody screen.

Expected turnaround

Times for results from these samples is <5 days.

See also Additional Blood Transfusion investigations.

Assay Availability

In house

Some antibodies (anti-D and anti-c) may be referred for quantification to NHSBT, Filton laboratories.

Clinical Advice

Clinical advice is available from the Haematology Medical team (contact RD&E switchboard on 01392 411611)

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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