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Bence Jones Protein (Urine)

Blood Sciences Test


Early morning urine (for screening), 24 hour urine (for quantitation in diagnosed myeloma).

Click here for 24 hour urine collection instructions which can be printed and given to patients.

Minimum sample volume

1 mL (please do not over fill the universal container)

Special Instructions

Do not use Borate tubes

Test Usage

Any abnormal bands found in early morning urines for screening will be identified, and a request will be made for a 24-hour urine collection for quantitation of the Bence-Jones protein. Serum protein electophoresis will need to be performed if not already requested

Turnaround time



Local / Referred test

STAT availability


Analytical Sensitivity

This test can detect protein to a lower concentration limit of 4.5 mg/L. This is based on the testing of a dilution series of a known concentration of albumin.

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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