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Whole blood EDTA tube labelled “FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION”

Special Instructions

Minimum sample volume 2 ml

1.3 ml  sample tubes accepted for neonatal requests

See Transfusion policy for further details on sample requirements and sample timing validity

Factors affecting results

Haemolysed, clotted and lipaemic samples cannot be tested

Reference Ranges

Not applicable

Test usage

Elective Surgery

All requests for crossmatched red cells or group and save serum must be sent to the laboratory at least 1 full working day beforehand to allow time to investigate abnormal results and prevent last minute cancellation of surgery. Pre-operative requests for elective surgery are governed by a agreed blood ordering schedule, ABOS,  The ABOS is regularly reviewed by the Hospital Transfusion Committee. In special circumstances more red cells will be crossmatched after discussion with Blood Transfusion staff.

Other Routine Requests

Unless red cell alloantibodies complicate the situation requests made before 10:30 will enable red cells to be available before 14:00 and requests before 14:30 will ensure that red cells are available from 08:00 the following morning. Grouping and crossmatching depends on the availability of appropriate red cells.

See also Additional Blood Transfusion investigations

Turnaround time

1.5 days for planned non-urgent day case transfusions

For advice on turnaround times for urgent transfusion requirements please refer to the Transfusion Policy 

Please note samples sent in from the community hospitals/ GP surgeries via routine transport will not arrive until the end of the working day. Therefore please send in samples/requests 2 working days prior to requirement.


In House

Clinical Advice

Clinical advice is available from the Haematology Medical team (contact RD&E switchboard on 01392 411611)

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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