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Dehydro-Epiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEA-S)

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Test Usage

DHEA and its sulphate DHEAS are the most abundant androgenic steroids secreted by the adrenal cortex. DHEAS is more commonly measured than DHEA and for practical purposes the two estimations provide the same information. Its uses are: in the investigation of virilism – levels are usually >3x upper limit of normal in the investigation of hirsutism when there is a more than 2-fold increase in free testosterone to differentiate Cushing’s disease (minor elevations of DHEAS) from adrenal neoplasms where there are large increases for monitoring steroid suppression therapy in congenital adrenal hyperplasia. DHEAS is not used as a first-line investigation in mild to moderate hirsutism. Mild elevations up to 30% are common but do not affect management.

In people taking DHEA supplements to restore youth and beauty, the DHEAS levels may be increased 2-3x.

Turnaround Time

Approximately one month


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Chemical Pathology Dept. Trelisks Hospital Cornwall


Please note this test is not UKAS accredited

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