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First Morning Urine Collections


Specimen collection instructions to be given to patients:

1. Avoid strenuous or sexual activity for 6 hours before going to bed and during ┬áthe night before the collection. Do not collect urine if you are ill (e.g. with ‘flu), are menstruating, or have signs of a urinary tract infection (needing to pass urine frequently with burning or pain).

2. Before going to bed, empty your bladder as completely as you can and discard the urine.

3. Immediately after getting up in the morning, pass a portion of the urine formed overnight into the bottle provided. (It does not matter of you have had to get up during the night to pass urine).

4. Take the urine sample to your doctor’s surgery as soon as possible so that it can be sent to the laboratory. For this reason, please do not collect the urine on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

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