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Tacrolimus (FK-506)

Blood Sciences Test


EDTA Blood



Reference Range

5 – 15 µg/L

Test Usage

FK506 (Tacrolimus) is a potent immunosuppressive drug for primary and rescue therapy of solid organ transplants. FK506 is a 100-fold more potent inhibitor of T lymphocyte activation and IL-2 expression than cyclosporine. Large multi-center trials in both liver and kidney transplantation have shown that FK506 immunosuppression is associated with a lower incidence of acute rejection than standard cyclosporine therapy. In renal transplantation, FK506 is commonly used as rescue therapy for refractory acute rejection in patients treated with cyclosporine. The reported rescue rate was 75% over a 5-year follow-up period.


Local test

Analysed Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays

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Minimum Repeat Interval

1 day

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