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Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)

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The method that we use for measuring HbA1c has changed. This was due to a peninsula-wide procurement process for HbA1c and haemoglobin variant analysis. This change occurred on 2/8/2021. The new method (Sebia- capillary electrophoresis) produces results that are approximately 4% lower than on the previous HbA1c method (HPLC). Please take account of this when making comparisons between HbA1c values before and after this date. For example, a HbA1c of 60 mmol/mol measured before the change would be equivalent to 58 mmol/mol measured after the change. The results of our in-house method comparison are below:


HbA1c Concentration (mmol/mol) Number Tested: Mean Bias (mmol/mol) Mean bias (%)
Low: 0 to 47 38 -1.5 -3.6
Mid: 48 to 59 22 -2.2 -4.3
High: 60 to 150 47 -3.6 -4.4


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% also IFCC mmol/mol Hb

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In patients with an established diagnosis of Diabetes 30 days

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