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HDL Cholesterol

Blood Sciences Test





Reference Range

  • Females : 1.16 – 1.68 mmol/L
  • Males : 0.91 – 1.42 mmol/L

Test Usage

HDL cholesterol is protective against atherosclerosis and a low HDL is an independent risk factor separate from LDL cholesterol.

Increased by

  • exercise
  • alcohol
  • drugs . oestrogens
  • fibrates, statins, nicotinic acid
  • anticonvulsants

Decreased by

  • drugs: androgens, anabolic steroids, danazol, testosterone, progestins
  • beta blockers
  • thiazides
  • isotretinoin
  • antiviral agents
  • smoking
  • obesity
  • familial hypolipoproteinaemia
  • renal impairment/proteinuria

Athletes using anabolic steroids can have dramatically low HDL levels.

Turnaround Time

1 day


Local test

Can be added on to an existing request up to 4 days following sample receipt

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