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Infliximab Antibody Levels



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AU/mL (arbitrary units per mL)

Test Usage

Interpretation of Infliximab antibody levels

General points

This assay measures TOTAL Infliximab Antibody concentration.

Total Antibody concentration >/= 10 AU/mL is positive. The distribution for 3760 positive results is as follows: 

Centile range Total Infliximab antibodies (AU/mL)
0 – 5th 10 – 11
6th – 25th 12 – 18
26th – 50th 19 – 40
51st – 75th 41 -115
76th – 95th 116 – 400
>95th >400

The top of the measuring range is 400 AU/mL. This corresponds to the 95th Centile

For further interpretation please see: Anti TNF monitoring guidance

Biotin Interference

The ELISA immunoassay method used for infliximab total anti-drug antibody measurement at Exeter Blood Sciences laboratory uses a streptavidin-biotin system in its design. If patients are taking large doses of Biotin (Vitamin B7), there is potential for interference in this assay with a possibility of lowered results when biotin concentration >318 nmol/L.

For further information on biotin interference please see:



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