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LDL cholesterol

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Special Instructions

LDL is available as part of the fasting lipid profile.

Lipid profile ordering instructions:

Tests performed within the lipid panel depend on the answer to the fasting status question on ICE, MyCare or paper form. It is essential that this question is answered accurately to ensure that the appropriate tests are performed.

If marked as non-fasting, profile includes: Total Cholesterol, HDL, non-HDL and Total/HDL cholesterol ratio

If marked as fasting, profile includes: all of non-fasting profile plus triglycerides and LDL



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Test Usage

The LDL cholesterol is calculated using the Friedewald Formula. This formula is not valid in non-fasting samples.

LDL = Total Cholesterol – HDL Cholesterol – Triglyceride



Turnaround Time

1 day


Local test

Can be added on to an existing request up to 3 days following sample receipt

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