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Malarial Parasites

Blood Sciences Test


EDTA blood

Special Instructions

Blood sample should be less than 4 hours old to optimise parasite morphology

Please provide full clinical details, including any drug therapy,details of foreign travel and clearly mark request form “For malarial parasites”.

Factors affecting results

If malaria is suspected, and a delay of more than 4 hours is likely for the sample to reach the laboratory, then please arrange for the patient to bring the sample to the laboratory directly or to have the blood collected in the phlebotomy department.This is because the parasites can change, hindering diagnosis.Please note that blood films should not be sent by courier (Health and Safety regulations).

Reference Ranges

Not applicable

Test usage

To aid in the diagnosis of malarial infections

Turnaround time

2 hours


In house – initial screen using a molecular method. If this is Negative no further testing is required for this clinical episode.

Positive Molecular tests will have blood films examined and if applicable (P. falciparum or P. knowlesi ) a parasite percentage will be calculated.

All positive results are confirmed at the London School of Tropical Diseases.

Clinical Advice

Clinical advice is available from the Haematology Medical team  or the Microbiology Medical Team (contact RD&E switchboard on 01392 411611)


Please note this test is not UKAS accredited

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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