Blood Sciences Test

Opiates (urine)

Test Usage

The urine “opiates” assay now in use will produce positive results with the following compounds at or above the concentrations indicated :

Codeine 0.24 mg/L
Dihydrocodeine 0.27 mg/L
Hydrocodone 0.40 mg/L
Hydromorphone 0.50 mg/L
Levorphanol 1.25 mg/L
Monoacetylmorphine 0.50 mg/L
Morphine 0.30 mg/L
Normorphine 1.18 mg/L
Pholcodine Undetermined

Cross reactivity with additional compounds not listed above is possible at elevated concentrations, some examples of which are shown below. For additional information please telephone (01392-40) 2952 or (01392 40) 2935.

Levallorphan 25.0 mg/L
Meperidine 90.0 mg/L
Nalorphine 4.0 mg/L
Oxycodone 4.0 mg/L
Oxymorphone 32 mg/L

Turnaround time

1 day


Referred Test

Can be added on to an existing request up to 4 days following sample receipt

Specimen Labelling Procedure