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Test Usage

Paracetamol Overdose

NEW please see this MHRA update

About 4 hours after an overdose of paracetamol, the serum level reaches its peak and then declines. Charting the serum level against time elapsed since ingestion gives a measure of risk of liver toxicity and determines whether antidote should be given. At 4 hours, a paracetamol level above about 100 mg/ L is an indication for giving N-acetylcysteine.

For treatment protocol, please refer to plasticised poster in the Observation area of the Accident and Emergency Department (UK Toxicology Group/BAEM 1995), and the standard operating procedure in the file.

Turnaround time

1 day


Local test

Can be added on to an existing request up to 4 days following sample receipt

Specimen Labelling Procedure