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PFA Screen

Blood Sciences Test


1 x EDTA blood tube

3 x Sodium citrate tubes

Special Collection Instructions

Samples should be collected 09:30-10:00. These should be taken to the reception desk by hand. The request form must state “for immediate attention of Haematology Lab-Do not centrifuge”

Coag tubes must not be centrifuged or chilled

The FBC is processed on site

Coag tubes are refered at ambient temperature to Haematology at Torbay, accompanied by a printout of the FBC.

Test Usage

To screen for the presence of abnormal platelet function.

Turnaround time

Samples must be received by the Haematology lab at Torquay before 1400 Mon-Fri

Referred to

Torbay Haematology Laboratory

Stat Availability

No-tests will only be available by arrangement with a Haematologist

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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