Blood Sciences Test

Plasma Viscosity


Whole blood EDTA

Special Instructions

Test performed from FBC tube provided it is not underfilled. These tubes are retained for 48hrs therefore a PV can normally be added after sample receipt if required.

Paediatric Samples: If an adult tube cannot be used please use the 1.2mL monovette (similar to the above tube but a smaller diameter).

Screw top microtubes are not suitable.

Factors affecting results

Clotted samples cannot be tested

Reference Ranges

1.50 – 1.72 mPa.s

From: Chanarin I Laboratory Haematology 1989

Test Usage

 Interpretation of results – Reference range 1.50 – 1.72 mPa.s (milli Pascal seconds)
Low results <1.50 Found in infants under 3 years old and patients with low immunoglobulin or fibrinogen levels.
High results 1.75 – 2.00 Found in many chronic disorders e.g. infection, malignancy, collagen vascular disease.
Very high results 2.01 – 3.00 Suggestive of myeloma.
Extremely high results >3.00 Suggestive of Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia.

Turnaround time

1-2 days


In house

Clinical Advice

Clinical advice is available from the Haematology Medical team (contact RD&E switchboard on 01392 411611)

Specimen Labelling Procedure