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Trace element free tube (Sodium Heparin)



Reference Range

Age Serum selenium (┬Ámol/L)
Under 6 months 0.30 – 0.54
6 months – 2 years 0.38 – 0.74
5 – 15 years 0.80 – 1.22
16 years and over 0.80 – 1.40

Test Usage

Selenium is an antioxidant and is an essential trace element in humans and animals, entering the food chain through plants. In the Keshan province
of China, an endemic cardiomyopathy has been attributed to the region’s severe soil selenium deficiency. It has been suggested that lesser degrees
of deficiency contribute to health problems in western countries including subfertility, cancer and heart disease.

Brazil nuts are a rich natural source of selenium.

Turnaround time

28 days


Referred test

Assayed By

University Hospital Southampton

Minimum Repeat Interval

14 days

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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