Histopathology reports

Histology Reports
All histology reports are accessible on the Epic patient chart, after being verified electronically by the reporting pathologist.

Printed reports
Reports from specimens taken from outside organisations are printed and sent to the original requestor.  Additional copies will be sent if specified on the original request.

Telephone/email requests for results can be made after first checking the Epic, preferably only if the case is urgent.

Histology reports are made available on the computer system as soon as they are authorised and it is always best if reports can be read from the computer to avoid errors of transcription.  However, if your result is particularly urgent and not yet available, please contact the department by email (rde-tr.cellularpathology@nhs.net) or if urgent call the department on Ext.2999 and we will do our best to help.

Historical reports
Pre-November 1999 reports are available by contacting the Histology Office with the relevant patient, specimen and date of operation details to enable the previous computer or paper-based systems to be accessed.  However, in line with pathology archive guidance, paper records are only retained for 30 years.