Cytopathology Services

**Please check the ‘Cellular Pathology News’ page for the introduction of new tests and any updates.**

The Cytology Department employs 22 staff and processes over 75,000 cervical smears and 4000 non-gynae (diagnostic) cytology specimens.

It is organised into sections which are led by a senior biomedical scientist on a rotational basis:

  1. Diagnostic laboratory service for the NHS cervical screening programme.
  2. The preparation and diagnosis of non-gynaecological cytology specimens.
  3. The fine needle aspiration support service.
  4. Molecular testing for Hr-HPV.


PLEASE NOTE: For contractual purposes each request accepted by the laboratory for examination(s) shall be considered an agreement.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 5.00pm

Weekends and Bank Holidays – Closed

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no on-call service provision.



Carina Hume Cellular Pathology Laboratory Manager 01392 402986
Dr T Mandalia Lead Consultant Pathologist for Cervical Cytology 01392 402994
Tracey Stevenson Consultant Biomedical Scientist/ Cytology Laboratory Manager 01392 402985
Cytopathology Office –
General Enquiries
Telephone: 01392 402991
Penny Lane Medical Secretary 01392 402988
Alison Knight Contact for Laboratory Visits 01392 402992