Electronic requests and request forms

Electronic requests – for all specimens taken within the trust.

All specimens taken within the trust must have an electronic request raised within the MYCARE system and the appropriate specimen label must be attached to the side of the specimen pot.

In the event that paper requests are received the specimen will not be processed until we contact the clinical team and ask that they provide an electronic request and print a specimen label. The specimen label must be brought to the  laboratory so clinical teams can identify the specimen and label it safely.

When completing an electronic request, please ensure the correct specimen site is selected and sufficient clinical information is provided.

Where multiple specimens are taken from the same patient, please ensure these are raised on the same Epic request.

Request Forms – for all specimens from outside organisations.

The Histology request forms are white with a Purple stripe and are available from the Pathology Stores – Telephone 01392 402906.  These must only be used for specimens requested from outside the trust.

Completion of a Request Form.

Specimens with incomplete information on request forms will not be processed until all required information has been completed.

ALL Histology request forms MUST conform to the following standards: