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Cellular Pathology

1.  You should have a toxicity tested specimen container and pathology request form for each sample. You MUST complete the form with the date and time of sample collection and if the entire sample was collected

1. The container provided MUST be labelled with your FULL NAMEDOB and the DATE and TIME of collection. Unlabelled specimens will not be accepted, so please make sure that the specimen is clearly identified.

2.    It is best to abstain from intercourse for 2 – 7 days before producing a specimen. The specimen should ideally be collected in the morning and kept as close to body temperature as possible during transport. – Do NOT refrigerate.

3.    The semen must be passed directly into the container provided.  It must be collected by hand ONLY. Do not use lubricants or condoms as they will kill sperm. The complete sample must be submitted.

4.    After collection, replace the screw cap firmly on the container.

5.    Sample must be produced within an hour of the drop off times. This is to allow adequate time for transport and processing at Exeter within the 4-hour processing window.

6.    Samples need to be dropped off at the North Devon Pathology Reception (directions below) by 08:45 or 13:45 to catch the transport which runs between North Devon and Exeter.

7.    Any samples received after these times will be rejected as they will be outside the accepted 4-hour time limit for processing.

The results of your test will be sent to your doctor.

The Laboratory aims to comply with The royal College of Pathologists Key performance Indicator (KPI 6.4) for Cellular Pathology reporting turnaround times with 90% of all cases reported within 10 calendar days.

The Laboratory Limit of Detection (LOD) for spermatozoa is available – please contact the laboratory.


DIRECTIONS for North Devon Pathology Specimen Reception:

From the main entrance on Level 2, go past the shop and turn left to take the stairs or the lifts which are in front of you.

Go down to Level 1.

On Level 1

From the stairs turn right and right again at the end of the corridor to PATHOLOGY and specimen reception is there in front of you.

From the lift turn left and then right at the end of the corridor to PATHOLOGY and specimen reception is there in front of you.

Specimen Labelling Procedure
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