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Anti-tyrosine phosphatase-like insulinoma antigen 2 (IA-2/IA2) antibodies

Blood Sciences Test


Serum samples for GAD, IA-2 and ZnT8 testing only (minimum 500 µL serum): Please send with your local Pathology request form to Blood Sciences Laboratory.


First class post at room temperature


IA-2 Positive: >/= 7.5 U/mL


2 weeks


£29.04 (all three antibodies)

Test Usage

Autoantibodies recognising the islet cell antigens glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD 65), Zinc Transporter 8 (ZnT8) and the anti-tyrosine phosphatase-like insulinoma antigen 2 (IA-2) are present in up to 90% of newly diagnosed patients with type 1 diabetes.  The prevalence of GAD, IA-2 and ZnT8 autoantibodies is less than 1% in GCK, HNF1A and HNF4A MODY, and testing for these autoantibodies close to diagnosis gives very good discrimination of Type 1 diabetes from MODY (McDonald et al 2011 Diabet Med 28:1028-1033).  The Blood Sciences department at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital offers a highly sensitive, automated ELISA method for the quantitative determination of GAD, IA-2 and ZnT8 autoantibodies in serum samples.

Turnaround time

10 working days


In House


We welcome referrals for IA-2. If you are a new requestor please complete the following form: New requestor form

We now also have the option to use NPEx for referral requesting.

Further information about sample requirements for this test can be found here: GAD IA2 ZnT8 – further information

Specimen Labelling Procedure

Assayed By

This investigation is performed at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (Wonford)

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Specimen Labelling Procedure
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