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Blood Champions

Blood transfusion training

This roadmap describes the steps to blood transfusion training at the RD&E

All staff involved with blood components or products must complete their mandatory 2 yearly e learning transfusion training.

Staff will find that they are “enrolled” on the training course for their role via ESR.

Staff must also complete the RD&E one off observed competency assessments appropriate to their role.

Collecting blood/blood products for transfusion.

Administration of blood/blood products for transfusion.

To confirm that competencies have been completed please fill in the online form below:

https://hub.exe.nhs.uk/forms/blood-competency-submissions/ (There is no need to send paper copies).

Blood Champion Training Aids

There are some notes to help you, help staff through their competencies:

Blood champion notes for collection competency

Blood champion notes for administration competency

For updated training units and wristbands post MY CARE go live please contact rde-tr.HTT@nhs.net

To access the Training Patient in the Training Playground click this link – Blood Champions training guide

Voice over powerpoint for blood transfusion administration

Voice over powerpoint for blood transfusion sampling

Select the powerpoint presentations above and listen with headphones

A guide to SHOT reporting criteria for Blood Champions

Update Training for Blood Champions

Currently there are no course dates available, however if you would like an update please contact the Hospital Transfusion Team via email: rde-tr.HTT@nhs.net

Becoming a Blood Champion

Courses for new blood champions are run by the Hospital Transfusion Team. If you are interested please contact the team on email: rduh.HTT@nhs.net.

Click on the link below to view the criteria required to become a Blood Champion at the RD&E
Criteria for Right Patient Right Blood Champions




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