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Clinical Guidelines and Forms to Download

Quick link to National Indication Codes for Transfusion

Quick links to British Committee for Standards in Haematology guidelines:

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National Health Service Blood and Transplant Guidelines

Patient information leaflets

The NHSBT provide information about receiving transfusion for patients, these can be downloaded from their website

RDUH information for patients  following a blood transfusion – click here to download


As soon as a patient is identified as requiring SPECIAL BLOOD COMPONENTS (e.g. irradiated, CMV negative, HEV negative, washed, HLA matched, allogeneic bone marrow transplant)  the Blood Transfusion laboratory must be informed. A notification letter should be raised on EPIC in the ward navigator page (click here to access more information on how to raise a special requirements notification on EPIC), this will link the requirement automatically to subsequent blood component orders and send the notification through to the Hospital Transfusion Team. If your blood component order is urgent you can add the special requirement to the component order but you will need to phone the laboratory on ext 2465/2467 to inform them of the requirement. If you do not have access to EPIC you can download and send a notification letter to the Blood Transfusion department or email to rduh-tr.HTT@nhs.net.


Blood component/product collection form – Please note that all blood components and products should be collected using the BloodTrack pick-up slips (see the electronic blood tracking page). The blood component/product form in the link below should only be used to collect blood components/products if the electronic blood tracking system is not functioning

Blood component/product collection form


Routine Antenatal Anti-D Ig Prophylaxis

The RAADP form can be completed in EPIC as part of the product order, this will email to the relevant laboratory (eastern or northern), for action.

If unable to complete the form within EPIC, please click here to access the RAADP request form, complete and forward to the relevant laboratory email.

rduh.htt@nhs.net for eastern

rduh.transfusionlab.nhs.net for northern

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