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Blood Transfusion at the Nightingale Hospital

Please click on the links below to access policies, procedures and quick-guides relating to blood transfusion activities at the Nightingale Hospital

Other information about blood transfusion, clinical guidelines, transfusion reactions and more can be accessed via the quick links at the right hand side of the page

Transfusion policy

Blood transfusion at the Nightingale – standard operating procedure

BloodTrack sample labelling at the Nightingale

BloodTrack enquiry for component/product ready

Use of the BloodTrack kiosks – using the blood fridge

Use of the BloodTrack Tx system  – administration of blood components and products

Use of EPIC for blood component and product orders

Use of EPIC for ordering transfusion tests

Use of EPIC for requesting patient special requirements

Use of EPIC for adding a blood refusal form to a patient record

Use of EPIC for recording transfusion observations and reactions

Transfusion reaction flowchart

Risks of Transfusion

Short training clips for using BloodTrack

Accessing emergency red cell units from the Haemobank

Putting red cell units into the Haemobank

Collecting red cells from the Haemobank

Sample taking and labelling using BloodTrack Tx

Nightingale Blood Champions – use the links below to access competency assessment templates for blood collection and administration. Confirmation of competency assessment must be submitted via the HUB link below to complete the record on ESR:

Collection competency template

Administration competency template

HUB submission form for ESR

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