A – Z: Microbiology


Actinomyces Culture

Antenatal Screen


Anti-Streptococcal Serology

Antibiotic Assays

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing


Atypical Pneumonia Serology

Avian Precipitins

Beta Glucan

BK Virus PCR

Blood Cultures

Bone Donor Screens – Virology

C Difficile Test

CFT (Complement Fixation Test)

Chlamydia Trachomatis (Genital Chlamydia)

CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Serology

CMV PCR (Viral Load)

Cryptococcal Antigen

CSF – Microscopy and Culture

CSF Virology

Culture for Gonorrhoea (GC)

Diphtheria Culture

Diphtheria Serology

EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) PCR

EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) Serology

Eye Swabs – Virology

Faecal Culture

Faecal Parasites

Faecal Viral Screen

Farmers Lung Precipitins

Foreign Traveller Screen (Imported Fever Screen)

Fungal Culture

Genital Swab Culture

Helicobacter Antigen Test

Hepatitis A Serology

Hepatitis B Serology

Hepatitis C Genotyping

Hepatitis C Quantitative PCR (Viral Load)

Hepatitis C Serology

Hepatitis E Serology

Herpes Simplex PCR

HIV Proviral DNA

HIV Quantitative PCR

HIV Resistance Assay

HIV Serology

HTLV types 1 & 2

Inoculation Injury

Legionella Antigen

Leptospiral PCR

Leptospirosis Serology

Lines and Tips


Lyme Disease Serology

Measles Serology & PCR

Meningococcal and Pneumococcal PCR (Blood)

Microbiology – Frequently Asked Questions

MRSA Screen (Emergency Admission)

MRSA Screen (Pre-Elective)

MRSA Screen (Previous Positive)

Mumps Serology & PCR

Mycobacteria (TB) Culture

Norovirus Testing

Parvovirus serology

Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid Culture

Pertussis Serology

Pneumococcal Antigen


Quantiferon Testing

Rotavirus and Adenovirus Detection (Faecal Samples)

Rubella Serology

Sputum Culture (not TB)

Sterile Fluids and Tissues Culture

Syphilis Serology

Tetanus Antibody

Toxoplasma Serology

Urine Culture (Catheter)

Urine culture (Mid Stream)

Urine Culture (Paediatrics)

Viral Respiratory / Influenza

Viral swab – skin

VZV Serology (Chicken Pox)

Wound Swab Culture

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